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Are you seeking for the best glass infuser teapot? This page will show you a wonderful collection.

These glass infuser teapot are so amazing, and they are suitable for those who love Chinese Tea Culture. Their exquisite designs will absolutely surprise you.

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Top Rated Glass Infuser Teapot

Primula 40-Ounce Blossom Glass Teapot with Loose Tea Infuser and 12 Flowering Green Teas

Something Extraordinary Is Brewing. The Primula Flowering Tea Gift Set is packaged with a gift canister of 12 flowering teas in a refreshing green tea with jasmine flavor.

Product Reviews
  • “The tea flowers that come with it are delicious and it is so fun to watch it bloom.” – amazon shopper
  • “I definitely got my money’s worth.” – Tiffany
  • “The teapot is beautiful and the glass is thin and fragile feeling but seems to be strong.” – sb

Sun's Tea (TM) 12oz Personal All Glass Made Tea Infuser & Mug (Teapot)
Sun’s Tea

The Personal Glass Teapot is elegant, convenient (the lid doubles as a coaster.) and has a handy, removable infuser. Dishwasher safe! Brew the leaves alone in the pot and watch their dance, then place the infuser in the cup and pour through the infuser which will catch the leaves.

Consumer Reports
  • “And it looks great.” – Hope M
  • “The glass is thin but sturdy and I think it is very pretty.” – Digigirl
  • “The slits in the inner infuser are very small so they work well for loose leaf teas.” – Monica Y. Wu

GROSCHE GLASGOW Glass Teapot with Infuser , 1000 ml 34 Fl Oz capacity


With classic and subtle European design notes, the high quality contemporary look of the GLASGOW teapot is an elegant part of any table setting.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Great looking, sturdy glass teapot.” – Ant
  • “I am very careful with it and only handwash it, as the glass material is very thin.” – b3948
  • “I would like to know if I could order another lid directly from the company.” – laura

Primula Glass Stovetop Tea Pot with Infuser

This glass teapot with a capacity of 40 ounces turns the act of brewing tea into an artistic presentation. Loose tea leaves are placed into the glass infuser, hot water is added, and when the water reaches the desired color or strength, the infuser is lifted out along with all the loose leaves.

Buying Guides
  • “The problem is that the glass is just too thin.” – Petur O. Jonsson
  • “I used this 4 times and the infuser broke.” – GrannyV
  • “Easy to use and clean .” – J. Hall

GROSCHE MONACO Glass Teapot with infuser 1250 ml 42 fl. oz capacity

The clarity and beauty of a glass teapot, with the convenience of an included infuser to make loose leaf tea! The Borosilicate glass is an ultra smooth surface that is durable and easy to clean, and will never go cloudy even after years of use.

Buying Guides
  • “The product seems thinner than I thought and I was worried about breaking it, but has held up well so far.” – Dianne M. Mackay
  • “The size of the pot is just right; enough tea for 2 or a second cup for you!” – B. Teti
  • “Infuser works well, however I feel like it could do a better job of allowing the tea and water to mix.” – RealAlbeitGeneric

GROSCHE KENT Infuser Teamug - Tea cup; 350ml/11.8fl oz capacity, A Glass Teapot In a Cup!

KENT Steeper Tea Mug :

Another gorgeous masterpiece from the GROSCHE Design House.
Artistic and graceful, the KENT Steeper tea Mug is like a teapot in a cup.

Buyers Guide
  • “Tea always tastes better in a glass mug but this cup was extremely fragile and far too delicate.” – AmazonEd
  • “This item is too fragile and I received it broken in many pieces inside its orginal box.” – ekoshak
  • “Works great only small complaint is that tea leaves can get stuck in between the little slits in the infuser basket, but that wouldn’t deter me from buying it again.” – Josh

Sun's Tea (TM) 41oz Ultra Clear Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Teapot & Infuser for loose tea or display tea (pure glass, no metal or plastic parts)
Sun’s Tea

The Sun’s Tea (TM) All-Glass made Teapot holds 41 oz of tea. It is elegant, convenient and has a handy, removable infuser. Simply fill the infuser with the amount of tea leaves you want, place it into the pot then pour the hot water on the leaves, then lift the infuser after a few minutes, a pot of crystal clear pure tea is ready for your waiting cup.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Though others say the glass is very thin and feels flimsy, its actually pretty sturdy and beautiful which is another plus.” – Cindy Huynh
  • “I would definitely recommend this teapot, it is one of a kind!” – Sabine Satmary
  • “The spout also is not shaped well enoug not to have tea drip down when pouring.” – MeMeMe

Adagio Teas 42 oz. Glass Teapot & Infuser
Adagio Teas

One of our more popular items. Sturdy glass walls convey the beauty of the brewing process. And a large infuser chamber gives tea plenty of room to unfurl and fully infuse.

  • “The strainer does a very good job.” – A. Taylor
  • “Maybe it was a design fluke of MY teapot, but the glass on this pot is worrisomely thin and fragile.” – Anonymous
  • “Needless to say, I love my new teapot and wished that I hadn’t wasted my time and money on the Adagio one.” – night7hym3

Primula Flowering Tea Set with Half-Moon 40-Ounce Pot, Black/Glass

The Primula 40-ounce teapot is perfect for brewing Primula tea flowers or your favorite loose tea. Included is a mesh loose tea infuser and 3 Flowering Green Teas with Jasmine.

  • “The value per dollar is very good.” – Bill
  • “The visual when the flowered tea blooms is very pretty.” – Jennifer Watanabe
  • “Is the plastic BPA free?” – Nicholas Shih

Oggi 6577 Fusion Teapot with Built in Stainless Tea Infuser, 40-Ounce

Heavy duty satin finish stainless steel frame and handle with removable borosilicate glass carafe. Not For Stove Top Use – Glass Carafe Is Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack).

Consumer Reports
  • “I am very very happy with my teapot.” – C. L. Kay
  • “The handle Is simply a rough piece of metal.” – miss_betty
  • “This teapot works flawlessly and makes the perfect amount for my thermos!” – G. Luker

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